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Wedding Fair

Fools For Love Wedding Fair

By 15th October 2017 No Comments

Fools For Love Wedding Fair (15/10/17)

Today we took part in our very first wedding fair held at the New Continental Hotel in Plymouth. Fools for Love wedding fair is organised by Samantha Warren from Cake Occasions. It was a good chance to show-off the Booth to future brides and other vendors. We set-up with the bubbly mermaid backdrop. This beautiful rosé champagne sequin backdrop can be customized by simply running your fingers through the sequins. We had a collage of previous template examples, showing how every event is customised to suit the bride and grooms theme and also the quality of our prints. The Beautiful South Photobooth Company where in the Regency Bar. We shared this fabulous space with three other vendors.

Urban Disco ran by DJ Duncan Godefroy providing great evening entertainment and even acoustic guitar sessions. Thanks for the tunes and Chocolate Duncan! www.facebook.com/TheUrbanDisco

Glitz & Glamour Event Hire and Party Planners hiring sweet carts, display stands, chair coverings, table decorations and much much more. On the day they had the most delicious cupcakes meant for the brides to be, but stolen by me www.facebook.com/glitzandglamourevent

Glam Ward Hair & Makeup Artist who is getting married herself very shortly. We wish you many happy years of marriage. www.facebook.com/glamward

All in all our first ever wedding fair was primarily used as networking occasion with other likeminded people in Plymouth. From the day we learnt the following: Free sweets are a great way of enticing people over to your area. Young children look great with plastic mustaches on sticks, but fathers beware, they also make good weapons! Some couples took more persuasion than others to use the booth, this never seems a problem when the alcohol is flowing…………………….. Note to self, take Jello Shots next time.

As the event ended, everyone in the Regency Bar at Fools For Love Wedding Fair grabbed a prop and took the obligatory vendors group photo in the Booth.

Fools For Love Wedding Fair
Fools For Love Wedding Fair
Fools For Love Wedding Fair

All photos will be uploaded soon!


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